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Mr David Poyser MITG
Mobile: 07767498040
Prof. Qual. Training Certificate EU Commission, BSc Social Sciences, Postgraduate Diploma Journalism
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As a Dad myself I enjoy working with families. I earned my blue badge guiding qualification at the same time as I was Mayor of Islington, a historic borough in Central London. I also hold an honorary qualification for Islington Guided Walks.

I like to write about London's history when I am not guiding. I also Chair the Communications Committee of the Institute of Tourist Guides as I used to be a Producer/Writer/Director for the BBC, the British TV channel, as well as US channels including Discovery and NBC Europe. I received the Royal Television Society award twice for programmes I made.

My television experience taught me to be adaptable to whatever the client wants, and not stick to a rigid plan. Whatever the client wants! On one occasion, I was part of a surprise engagement for a US tourist at the British Museum (the proposer and I exchanged many emails ensuring the whole thing was a scripted surprise).

I have lived in London a long time and love answering any questions on anything from politics, to books, to the characteristics of all the different districts.........


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