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Mrs Sally Empson MITG
31 Sterndale Road, LONDON, W14 0HT
Mobile: 07850 477 783
Telephone: 020 7603 9844
Prof. Qual. B SC ECON. CERT Ed., FTS
Document Title 1My areas of expertise in guiding are: corporate programmes and large sports events e.g. I worked on the NfL programme for the past two years. I am also doing a lot of guiding around the 2012 sites in London.
I started guiding in 1991 after several years as a tour manager. I often work with American groups and families. I enjoy all types of guiding. I have no trouble looking smart, being completely reliable in addition to being friendly & welcoming to visitors! I have an adult teaching qualification and frequently lecture on a variety of topics varying from the tourism industry to Monarchy. I am an Institute recognised trainer of guides and have considerable current experience of training guides both in London and elsewhere.


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